Mission Trips

Ukraine Relief Mission Trip 

As many of you know, the situation in eastern Ukraine is extremely difficult right now. A lot of blood has been spilt and people were left wounded, many have lost their loved ones and have been abandoned without homes. People have been stripped of everything including their peace, hope, and security. Many churches in the west have provided aid and shelter for the refugees who are in need and are giving them as much support as they can.  

This year UPC has organized a missionary trip to Ukraine that will take place June- August 2015. Our mission is to help these people in every possible way that we can. Not only physically by providing food, clothing, and medical aid, but spiritually as well, spreading the gospel and the hope that was given to us by Jesus Christ. 

Those who are going, 14 people from our church, will be involved in evangelizing, kids camps, visiting orphanages and nursing homes, providing medical aid for those who are in need, and any other work that needs to be done. In preparation for this trip, we have set up fundraisers to support the mission. The fundraisers will take place on the following dates:

Church lunch - March 8

Bake sale - April 4 

Cafe night - every first Sunday of the month


You may also donate any items that can be sold (via craigslist) to support this cause.

If you have any questions, please contact Oleg Chereshnya.

Your support, help, and prayers would mean so much to us. May God bless you. 

Phone: (859) 940-5277 

Email: ochereshnya1@gmail.com


Dates: June - August

Locations: Eastern Ukraine

Group Size: 14 people 


Please enter "Ukraine Relief Mission Trip" in the description when donating. Thank you.

Mission Trip to Juarez Mexico

As Christians, our main purpose in life is to be the light to the world and spread the Gospel wherever we go.  Our mission for this trip to Mexico is first and foremost to bring the Good News to the native Mexicans in Juarez and Nonoava regions, also known as the Tarahumara Indians.  Most of them live in the mountains, long forgotten and not supported by the Mexican government.  The vast majority of these people don't even have birth certificates, without which they are not even allowed to go see a doctor, even with life threatening conditions.  Many of them die at an early age because of malnutrition and diseases.  Not many people want to go so deep into the mountains because of the rough terrain.  It can take sometimes up to 10 hours to drive under 100 miles.  For the past few years in a row now, God has been putting on our hearts and giving us the opportunity to go to these deep and forgotten places to share the good news and help these people with basic necessities, including food and small construction/restoration projects.

We brought some of the necessities of which they lack:

Nonperishable food items
Personal hygiene items

We provided these items not only to orphanages, but to as many of the Native Mexicans as we could.

During our stay, we held daily services and Bible story time for the children, all the while praying that the little seed we plant takes root.

Your generous donation of any amount was a tremendous help to get the needed items and supplies for the roof restorations. 

Dates: Departed - March 28th

             Arrived - April 6th

Locations: Juarez, Nonoava, Rogo Mirashi

Group Size: 20 people 

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